Andrew Zaeske

Environmental and Resource Economist

MAT 105: Mathematical Applications

Dates: 2015-01-21 - 2015-03-04

Course Materials

DateLecture NotesSupplemental Items
Jan 21Lecture 1Examples, Gas Prices, Exchange Rates, Alcohol Content, BAC Information
Jan 28Lecture 2Group Work Answer Key, Examples
Feb 2Snowed Out
Feb 4Lecture 3Group Work Answer Key, Simpson's Paradox
Feb 11Lecture 4Expenditure Share Tables
Feb 16 Lecture 5Treasury Yields, Vanguard Mutual Funds, WI Marginal Income Tax Rates, ROTH IRA Income Limits Proposed 2015 Federal Spending, Proposed 2015 Federal Revenue, Owners of US Debt (Pages 52-53) Student Loan Choice Excel File
Feb 18 Lecture 6 Polling: Question Order, Polling: Question Wording, Biased Question Examples, "Dewey defeats Truman" and Modern Polling, The Bradley Effect: #1 #2
Feb 23Lecture 7Coffee Drinks, Top Selling Books, Carbon Footprint Infographic, Water Infographic, Health Care Infographic, Health Care: Spending vs Outcomes, Quantcast: Yelp, EIA: Petroleum Prices, Spurious Correlations, Gas Price History
Feb 25Lecture 8
March 4>Lecture 9